Increase Productivity With Salesforce
Everyone has that ‘one’ stock they wished they bought way back when. For me, it’s I was first introduced to when it was fairly new on the market – only about a year or so. I was working at EHC Global as a Marketing Coordinator at the time and wanted a way to easily mail out Christmas Cards to thousands of customers around the world. Tired of every sales department having individual contact lists (sometimes resulting in a customer getting multiple greeting cards every December), I researched CRM programs. came out as the clear winner and it was […]

75% Of Users Say Makes It Easier To Do Their Jobs

Connected Consumers & Businesses
Salesforce Research today released, “State of the Connected Customer”, based on data from more than 7,000 global consumers and business buyers.  This report helps companies understand how their customers’ expectations are shifting across sales, service, and marketing. Here are just a few findings:   New data-sharing attitudes spark the next era of marketing personalization. More than half of consumers are willing to trade data about themselves for personalized shopping experiences and recommendations that match their needs. Smarter use of customer information expands opportunities for sales. Seventy-nine percent of business buyers rate it absolutely critical or very important to work with a sales team […]

New Data Sharing Attitudes & More Via “State of the ...

Value Stream Mapping
Are you looking to increase productivity, reduce lead times and/or improve customer satisfaction but don’t know where to start? I recommend you consider Value Stream Mapping. Let’s say you are a website designer and you want to increase your sales revenues. You determine that it currently takes an average of 90 days from the time you quote a project to “go live”. What if you could reduce this to 75 days so you can complete more projects each year? That’s where a Value Stream Map can help. A value stream is a set of ALL actions (no matter how small they […]

Value Stream Mapping

Reduce Emails And Improve Efficiency With Salesforce Chatter
Wouldn’t it be great if you could reduce the number of non value added internal emails you get every day? No one likes to be out of the loop so sending FYI emails lets you stay up to date. However, when it comes to recalling that email 6 or 8 months from now, it’s usually buried or has been deleted. Salesforce has solved this problem with Chatter. It’s like a professional version of Facebook and/or Twitter. You follow the accounts or the orders that are most important to you and when there is activity on those items you follow, it […]

Want To Reduce The Number Of FYI Emails You Send ...

How many of you have a hard time finding staff with the skills you need? If you talk to anyone looking for work, they’ll tell you there are no good jobs. This is something everyone in Economic Development hears every day. There is a huge skills gap, we know that, but putting your finger on just what that gap is can be next to impossible! Yesterday, our Founder, Tonya Kraan had the opportunity to attend the Local Employment Planning Council (LEPC) annual update meeting. Tonya is the Chair of the Business & Industry Engagement Working Group. One of the projects […]

Skills Gap

holiday greeting cards dog with santa hat
How many of you have sent out your Christmas/Holiday Greeting Cards? How many of you dread sending because your mailing list takes days to update? I’m sending my greeting cards out today. A CRM database can save a ton of work at this time of year. I always recommend that my clients add a custom checkbox for “Greeting Cards” – as they add contacts throughout the year, they can simply check that checkbox and then come the last week of November, quickly produce mailing labels. It doesn’t matter which CRM you use – they all have the ability to add […]

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year